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We prioritize your comfort when you buy diamonds online.

Diamonds on call is a solution to all your hassle, when you buy diamonds. We put together innovation, technology and experience to enhance your diamond buying experience and to provide accurate information.

Saves Time & Increases Profit

Diamonds on call provides one stop platform for buying diamond. We save your time on managing multiple suppliers, coordinating time-zones, filling KYCs, managing shipments etc and increases your profit by reducing returns, wire-fee and shipment charges.

local time zone

Local Time Zone

Dedicated Executive will work in your time-zone. So, you don’t have to work late nights to contact different diamond dealers.

hassle free kyc

Single KYC

Upload your KYC just once get free of hassle to provide KYC every time you buy from different diamond dealer.

payment and shipping

Save on Payment & Shipping

Order diamonds from multiple diamond dealers, but pay once and get a single consolidated shipment.

Live Inventory

We carry live inventory from 100+ diamond manufacturers and sight-holders around the globe. You can freely search thousands of diamonds on a single platform with complete details like No BGM & Eye-clean. Including HD Images and Videos we also have heart, arrow and aset images.

Independent Quality Check

We know the pain, when your ordered diamond quality is not as per standards. So at Diamonds On Call when you order a diamond, every diamond is quality checked by experienced grader to make sure the diamonds you ordered are free of any conflict and has excellent brilliance.

4 c's of diamond

4C’s of Diamond

Inclusions and parameters of diamond are matched with the specs on the grading certificate.

bgm in diamond

Tinge & Milky

Color and haziness (BGM) in diamond is checked to make sure diamond has excellent luster.

eye clean clarity

100% Eye Clean

Diamond is examined under naked eye to make sure 100% inclusions are not visible.

Quickest Shipment

Once you order a diamond on diamondsoncall.com, irrespective of where the diamond is located or from which diamond dealer it is, all diamonds are consolidated under one shipment. So you don’t have hassle to track and manage multiple small shipments. Over that we provide overnight shipping for delivery, so that your customer has to never wait.

24x7 Customer Support

Our support executives are available 24x7 via phone, email and live chats to answer any queries and offer prompt assistance to Jewelers in their time zone. Diamonds On Call is committed to provide the highest level of service to all clients, no matter where you are based or what your business needs are. Each of our support executive has in-depth diamond knowledge and will provide advice on the best options available. Our team pride themselves on establishing excellent and long-standing relationships with their clients.

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