By Selecting diamond(s) you like and pressing on confirm button, you can place the order on the website.

Diamonds are located in different locations such as Hong Kong, India, Israel, USA etc.

All the diamonds you see are 99.99% available. But there are negligible chances that other buyer places the order for the same diamond at the same time and the diamonds becomes unavailable.

Yes you can hold the Diamond, but it will be released after intimating you, as soon as other buyer wants to confirm the diamond.

Yes, we make physical quality checks twice for every diamond. Once you order and once before shipping. Thus making sure you get exactly what you ordered.

We have a special section for tinge and milky so that you know what is the intensity for tinge and milky. After you order if our grading team finds out that diamond has tinge or milky, we will intimate you before processing the order.

We have a special section for Eye clean, where you can know if diamond is eye clean with the naked eye. After you order if our grading team finds out that diamond is not eye clean, we will intimate you before processing the order.

Any diamond can be cancelled before the order is approved. Once the order is approved, it cannot be cancelled.

It takes minimum 10 minutes to maximum 24 hours to approve the order.

Order may be rejected due to many reasons such as • Diamond already sold • Your payment is not processed on time • Quality of diamond doesn't match For exact details contact your sales executive.

Wish list is a section created to short list your selection. Once you add the diamond to your wish list, you can track the availability of the diamond live.

We do not have any return policy.

Right now we only have payment by wire. Soon we will be introducing other payment options.

All the bank wire charges including the inter-mediatory bank charges are to be borne by the buyer.

Diamonds will be shipped once the payment is credited in our bank account.

You will receive the diamond with the fastest shipping availability to your country. For example: USA , CANADA – next day delivery, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, GERMANY – 2 days, etc.

Diamonds will be shipped with FEDEX or UPS.

Once your total order reaches 7000 USD your shipping will be free. For lower value there will be shipping fee ranging from 50 USD to 120 USD.

Most of the countries have an import duty for diamonds, all the import duty and clearing agency fee are to be paid by the buyer.

Yes, Shipping address can be changed, as far as it is in the same country. Shipping fee is subject to change as per the location.

Shipping fee is charged on the number of shipment not on diamonds ordered. You can choose to have one shipment for multiple orders or different shipments for different orders.

Every Shipment is covered with insurance, door to door.

Yes, You can choose to pick up the diamond at our office/pick up locations. Please contact our sales executive for more details.

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