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Discover Diamonds

Discover Diamonds | The Genesis of World’s Most Precious Stone


6th January, 2023

By Diamonds on call

How Diamonds Are Manufactured? While there is a plethora of innovative ways to reach a person's heart, Diamonds are undoubtedly the most elusive, delicate, and charming. These shiny and glittery gemstones fill life in a simple engagement ring or a necklace and make it s . . . Read more

what are diamond inclusion

Diamond Inclusions (A Complete Guide) - Diamonds On Call


3rd May, 2021

By Diamonds on call

If your search for ultimately perfect diamond has begun, then you must have come across the term inclusion or popularly known as impurities. If your finalized diamond has passed of perfect color and perfect cut, yet the last leap of ultimate sparkle might be a hurdle to come . . . Read more

Lab Grown Diamonds (The Ultimate Guide)

Lab Grown Diamonds (The Ultimate Guide) | Diamonds On Call


1st April, 2021

By Diamonds on call

Adhering to the title itself, a Lab-grown Diamond is 'grown' in the lab by employing a cutting-edge and innovative technology that replicates diamond growth's natural process. The product is a human-made diamond that is physically, chemically, and visually the same as those  . . . Read more

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