We spark diamonds with trust & technology

World becomes a better place with transparency and trust, whether for work or for their dreams. To cope up with this pace we at Diamonds On Call are working to bring all segments of polished diamonds online at a single click, this leads jewellers around the world to buy diamonds online with confidence and comfort on our platform.

Our Vision

To deliver a new sight of comprehensive diamond purchasing service to the jewellers around the world, through the power of innovation and technology.

Our  Mission

To make all varied types of polished diamonds (Certified & parcel) accessible online around the world and to design a simple online platform where jewellers can buy and receive diamonds with single click.

Our Values

A Commitment to Ethics, Innovation and Consistency. We thrive to maintain quality check and deliver conflict free diamonds consistently using innovative and sustainable methods.

Why it Started?

We are the 3rd generation Diamond Dealer & Manufacturer, our customers/jewellers always complains that sourcing diamonds is challenging, time consuming and costly. Every time a jeweller has an order for diamond jewellery he has to go through different diamond dealers , who keeps different varieties of diamonds plus some of them stays in different zones, which takes days and nights to coordinate. Once a jeweller finds right diamonds, he can’t fly to different dealers every time to check the quality of diamond. So he places order , pay each of them separately and get separate shipments. After all the hassle, when quality doesn’t match the standard, returns become more stressful and expensive. Sometimes it costs them more than 20% of value of the diamond to ship and return. This consumes lot of time, money and energy.

In the automation era, why a jeweller should go through this hassle every time, when everything can be done in one . With this thought, In 2016 we founded a start-up called Diamonds on call in Hong Kong & India, where world’s 80% of the diamonds are manufactured & traded. With technology and innovation, Diamonds On call focuses on how to make Diamond buying process easy, fast and secure from any part of the world.

So no matter , where you are located or what diamond you like, we make sure the it is perfect quality and reaches you on time.

What are we doing?

Diamonds on call is building an online platform, where diamond (certified or parcel) buying experience becomes smooth and easy for jewellers around the world.

On this secured platform, where hundreds of Manufacturers & site-holders have listed their live diamond inventory with details description, images and video, to choose from. Once you are ready, simply select you diamond and buy on diamondsoncall.com and checkout with single click. Now sit back and relax, we independently check the quality of each diamond you ordered and ship all diamonds in single shipment with as fast as next day delivery and live tracking. If you are still confused, Our customer support is accessible 24x7 in any time zone.

Since 2016, we served jewellers in more 26+ countries and helped them save on up-to 15% operating cost, thus increase in overall profit. Our team works day and night to make sure the customer buying experience is fantastic. We believe that there is always more to it. Diamonds on call helps to built confidence, comfort and security in sync with their buying process..

For Whom?

We serve Diamond Jewellers globally. Any jeweller who wants to buy diamonds online with hassle free diamond buying experience, instant checkout and delivery. Diamonds on call is for you.

Live Inventory

Live diamond inventory with image and video, from over 100+ manufacturers and sight-holders around the globe.

24x7 support

Dedicated Executive works in your time zone to walk you through any difficulties you face.

Quality Check

Every Diamonds Purchased goes under a strict quality check. So you don’t have to worry when you receive the diamond.

Logistic Management

All diamonds you choose can be shipped under one shipment with next day delivery and live tracking. So you don’t have to manage multiple shipments.

Supply Management

Our platform is equipped with to manage all your current and future orders automatically. So you don’t miss on any orders.

Easy Payments

We have easy payments options like bank transfers, mobile payments, credit cards etc. So we have got you covered.